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Sodium Nitrite Seamless Pipes & Tubes
Legal Framework
  >> Legal Framework & Provisions
Safeguard Provisions under the Customs Tariff Act, 1975 (Section 8B)
Customs Tariff (Identification and Assesment of Safeguard Duty) Rules,1997
Transitional Safeguard Provisions under the Customs Tariff Act, 1975 (Section 8C)
Customs Tariff (Trasitional Product Specific Safeguard Duty) Rules,2002
  >> Trade Notice, Prescribed Formats & Questionnaire
Trade Notice Issued In Terms of Rule 5(2) of Safeguard Duty Rules( SG/TN/1/97 DT:06/09/1997 )
Post Issuance of Notice of Initiation (Questionnaire)
Trade Notice on Confidentiality
  >> Multilateral Agreements
WTO Agreement on Safeguards
Article XIX of GATT on Safeguards